Posted September 13, 2020 at 05:46 am

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re doing okay during these difficult times. I’m sorry for worrying you by being quiet, (thanks for the concern <3) but I’m doing good! It was high time I posted some info regarding the comic though, so here we are. I have a few important things I wanna bring up.

First and most important of all: Parallax is ending. 

I know that’s not the news you wanted, but probably could’ve foreseen. The fact is that I’ve worked on this comic since 2012, and a lot has happened during that time. The project suffered because I was struggling with a lot of different things during these years and it resulted in multiple breaks and very varying quality in art and storytelling. Upholding a frequent update schedule took priority over creating something I felt proud of, and slowly but surely working on the comic grew less and less rewarding and became only something I had to do, and it wasn’t good for my health.

The past few years I’ve focused on my own well-being and I’m doing better than ever, and that’s in part because I’m not devoting so much of my time to this project anymore. I’ve been mulling over the decision to set this project aside for a long time because the story still means a lot to me, but I can’t justify sacrificing my own health for it any longer. With that said, I wasn’t happy with just leaving it all cold turkey either, so I have a few more updates lined up before the story officially ends. It won’t tie everything together or resolve all conflict within story, and I’m very sorry about that, but hopefully it’ll help round off the whole thing a little.

These new pages will start to go up from Wednesday the 16/9, which is to say the coming Wednesday.

I want to thank you all again so, SO much for reading, supporting and showing a genuine interest in this creation. You made my day so many times, and I’m glad it provided you with some entertainment and hopefully also some comfort or encouragement. Lomax’s struggle with undervaluing his emotions and the loneliness that brings is one a lot of us can relate to, I think. But things do get better, even for him. 

See you Wednesday!