Lomax Torchstone

Age: 17

Height: 168 cm

Birthday: April 14th

Favorite foods: Hamburgers, any kind of interesting snack.

Interests: TV shows, games, animals, taking naps.

Having a bit of a troubled mind, Lomax prefers to keep to himself and tends to think about things a little too deeply. He's naive and aware of it which causes him to be on defense most of the time, but holding those close to him in high regard and being very loyal and trusting, Lomax has what it takes to be a great friend.

Voted most likely to choke on his spaghetti

Dan Rogers

Age: 35

Height: 186 cm

Birthday: December 3rd

Favorite foods: any type of hearty homemade food.

Interests: Gardening, science.

With a tendency to come on a bit too strong, Dan can be a bit intimidating even with the best of intentions. His past seems to be troubling him, but he's happy to put on a bright face and believes that you can do anything as long as put your heart into it. He's charismatic, hardworking, loves sweets and is an excellent teacher.

Voted most likely to be a good dad.