End of chapter two.
Posted March 23, 2016 at 05:37 pm

Heeey everyone! So this concludes the second chapter. Hope you enjoyed it!

Now, I have some SUPER EXCITING news for you all!! As of the beginning of April, my internship ends and I have decided to move on and go all out with comics and illustration. What does this mean? Parallax will become my no. 1 priority, and I will be able to put a LOT more time and effort into it! And THAT means.. More pages per week, merchandize (which is already in production!), keeping my Patreon up and running with added bonuses, and lots of other fun stuff! I have been longing to put my all into this and it's finally happening.

Of course, how well I can keep that up depends on wether I'll have enough of a stable income, but things are looking bright and I can't thank you all enough for reading, supporting, and for being patient with me. I couldn't have made it this far without you. YOU'RE ALL AMAZING!!! ♥

As of today, The comic will be on a three week hiatus while I finish up the last of my internship, schoolwork and get moving over with. Then Parallax will resume; faster, brighter and shinier. If you're longing for some content while waiting, keep an eye on twitter for doodles, fanart and other fun things!

Stay tuned for how things will develop for Lomax and Dan. You ain't seen nothing yet...