An update
Posted December 9, 2018 at 06:56 am
Hey everyone!

Sorry for the long wait. I'm very happy to see so many of you eager to read more of the comic, it really warms my heart! However, I'm here now to say that unfortunately you're gonna have to wait a little bit longer until the comic resumes. 

My life has been changing a lot lately (in a good direction, mind you) and I'm right in the middle of another move right now. I know it's not what you want to hear, but Parallax just isn't as high priority as all the real life stuff going on around me. The story means a lot to me and it's one I want to see through to the end, but it has to happen at a time and in a pace that's viable for me.

I'm downscaling a little making a few small changes to how I'll be updating in the future as well, hopefully it'll take some of the workload away and help me focus more on the comic itself.
My current aim is to resume at the end of January. I'll do my best to be back by then!