About Parallax

Lomax isn't exactly happy with the direction his life is going in. Feeling trapped in the seemingly dull town of Silverdalen, and powerless due to his shyness and lack of self-esteem, this 17 year old pretty much only does what he's told, hoping tomorrow will be just a bit different. When he is approached by his science teacher who offers him a mysterious box, claiming it's just what he needs, Lomax hesitantly accepts the gift. The box brings great change, but for better or worse, who's to say?

PARALLAX is a story about personal growth, friendship and how to avoid getting killed in epic supernatural battle. Adjusting to his new life in Silverdalen, Lomax must learn how to handle newfound mysterious power, and to face his challenges. Apparently getting magic powers from the science teacher still doesn't get you a passing grade in science class.