Page 213
Posted Jul.01.17 at 12:00 am

Meanwhile, in a place that's a LOT brighter...

EDIT: Whoa, I did not intend for this page to go up on Saturday, but an early update isn't half bad I guess? Also what's everyone's beef with tieing your hoodie around your waist! C'mon guys, it's super practical!

In less fun stuff, unfortunately my wrist has been aching a bit for the past few days. Since I'm staying at my parents for a while over the summer, I'm down to working on a regular tablet rather than my cintiq, and I think that's what's taking it's toll. So for now, I'll need to be a bit careful and rest. Parallax will be down to one page per week temporarily, and sadly that means no wednesday update.

Thank you so much for your understanding and all your support as usual! With a little rest I'm sure I'll be back in working condition in no time.
Edit 2: Hey all, just wanted to let you know that my wrist is doing a bit better, but needs more rest. Therefore Parallax is on hold for another week. I'm really sorry for the holdup! I wish I could work but I don't want to push it either, this the worst wrist pain I've ever had so I want to be careful. I'm taking medicine and resting so with some luck I should be back to normal soon. Thank you sm for your patience 🙇